A multiple award winning and 5-star rated book

5-star rated book and NGIBA finalist

This is the story of a young Englishman hero who is remembered with great respect in China still today, more than 70 years after his untimely and tragic death at the age of only 30.

George Aylwin Hogg was a man of remarkable dedication and honour who immersed himself in the culture, language and life of the Chinese people he served in the years 1938-45.

This book explores the background of how this inspirational, selfless, dedicated, extradordinary young man became who he was, and how, by putting one's trust in fate and through shrugging off the shackles of prudjudice against race, creed and language, much lasting good may be achieved.

The narrative gives an insight into the Chinese people as people, rather than as the political pawns and players that we normally see.

This is a personal and compelling window into the character of this remarkable man whose name and legacy lives on in China today.

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