Judge's commentary by Writer’s Digest

Writer's Digest Book Award

Reviewed: November 2018

This book is an unusual biography of an unusual English man whose accomplishments in a remote province in China are remarkable though not well known.

Hogg was involved in training young Chinese men for industrial positions in reconstruction of the Chinese economy in post World War II. His mission took place during the savage Sino-Japanese war in the late 1930’s.

The book, composed by a relative, makes excellent use of interviews Hogg gave, his letters, and various other sources. Graphic and vivid descriptions of the war and its atrocities give the book a raw power.

Hogg’s observations are sharp and incisive about this turbulent period. The writing alternates between Hogg’s own accounts and commentary by the author. Hogg’s own words dominate. Adequate breaks between the two narratives enable one to follow the thread of Hogg’s life from childhood, time in both the U.S. and Japan, and the vicissitudes of life in war-torn China. ........... Fine photographs further illuminate the stirring work that Hogg was able to do and for which he has been honored by China. There is also a map of China, a Chinese history timeline, index, and transliteration of Chinese sounds in a handy chart.

......... getting across his war-time work in China should attract potential readers.