Writer's Digest Book Award

Judge's commentary by Writer’s Digest

- An unusual biography of an unusual man.
- graphic and vivid descriptions of the war and its atrocities give the book a raw power.
- Hogg’s observations are sharp and incisive about this turbulent period.

Rubery Book Award

Review by Rubery Book Award

- everything comes alive
- an accomplished chronicler with the ability to enthral with details and insights into a world that has long gone.


Review by Midwest Book Review

- A remarkable life lived out in remarkable times
- a deftly crafted and impressively informative biography
- unreservedly recommended
- for the personal reading lists of academia and non-specialist general readers.

Reader Favorite 5-Star rating

Readers Favorite 5-star rating

- a fascinating read.
- vivid and real
- Thomas’ narrative is engaging, well-organized, well-paced, and educational.
- will inspire those who read this book.

Foreword Clarion

Review by Foreword Clarion

- in-depth and well-researched homage
- an informative and meticulously researched portrait
- He writes with a vivid, engaging voice

Book Bag

Review by The Book Bag

Any book that convinces me that maybe there is still hope in the world – that for all the mistakes made thus far, still being made right now, there is a common humanity which ultimately, eventually, must do some good .....

Blue Ink

Review by Blue Ink

Hogg’s lyrical anecdotes of the people he meets provide insightful firsthand accounts of war-torn China.


Review by Kirkus

Hogg’s lively letters and journalism thus serve as a rare witness to the Sino-Japanese War.

Amazon UK

Amazon (UK) customer review

This book is highly recommended reading for humanitarians, historians, Sinophiles, and anyone who enjoys reading a good biography.